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Pleasing the pink for a perfect evening, still in love to stick with baby pink.

  • A shiny new silk pinnacle channeling the pretty in pink look.
  • The pink- white beauties melt you vividly.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.

There is so much in this wavy blue- grey falling light.

  • Begin with the softest blue corners of grace and flame to admire.
  • Bright out the blue in your eyes ,the color changing blue-grey gives a gentle touch vibe.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.

Legacy to rich undefined affinity to aesthetic look.

  • The first suggestion to keep up the cultural aim of art.
  • Housed in a traditional calm authentic dark purple with a mix of deep flowery designs.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.
  • The actual blouse photo is in the photo gallery.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose.
  • The actual blouse photo is in the photo gallery.

This Bridal saree is a stunning representation of the Bandhani tradition of Gujarat.

  • The saree comes in a beautiful brinjal purple colour with small motifs on it, making it a very rich colour.
  • This Traditional saree is made of georgette fabric and features weaving work, along with a designered border and a pallu.
  • The net and intricate work on the saree add to its elegance.
  • This saree is best styled with Meenakari jewellery and is perfect for weddings and engagements- Be the one carrying Tradition with grace.

Bringing out this Kanjivaram saree for all the traditional seekers.

  • This saree from it’s origin is backed up from South India.
  • This beautiful Silk saree is woven into a tissue with detailing work performed by artisans.
  • The saree is traditionally embroidered at zari borders with patterns and motifs like mango, paisley, flowers, etc.
  • A well knows Saree which is Ideal for brides for their Wedding day, Engagement and Traditional functions.
  • Style it with golden jewellery to carry the royal essence.
  • Add this Timeless Traditional saree to your Wardrobe for making your day Special.

Embrace tradition with Best in Sarees- Paithani formerly for Maharashtrian weddings.

  • The rich royal red color reflects the essence of an Indian bride, symbolizing love, passion, and strength.
  • Crafted from premium silk fabric, this Saree guarantees a lightweight yet luxurious drape that allows you to move with grace and elegance on your special day.
  • Adorned with intricate floral patterns and delicate leaves, this saree showcases the artistry of skilled weavers.
  • Complete your bridal look by pairing it with traditional glass bangles and exquisite jewellery, and make statement with this handwoven tale of luxury.

The Vāsovāya collection by Roopkala Heritage
The zari used here is made of pure gold and silver.

Rangkard Sarees  – a must-have for every heirloom, the Rangkard is a crossover of yarns with color blocking in stripes and squares. The surface is often embellished with floral or geometric butas. The Rangkard is truly a connoisseur’s saree, for its intricate and delicate craftsmanship – a jewel that takes as close to nine months or more than nine months to weave.

  • One of our finest pieces, this is an artistic treasure! Incredibly difficult to weave yet appealing, a Banarsi Rabgkard saree is a Rare handloom masterpiece. This gem features a breathtaking border with distinctive pattern weaved with love in multi colors, all woven in real gold and zari. This saree brings the best of Banarsi weaving traditions.
  • Being one of the finest qualities of silk – the Banarsi Silk, traveling from the heart of Varanasi straight to everybody’s heart is one fabric that every Indian woman crushes over. Known for the serene look they exude and their sheer richness. Banarsi Rangkard is almost everyone’s favorite couturier’s cult weave for ages now.
  • What makes this saree breathtaking is the timelessness and gorgeous brocade zari in gold and zari, at least one Banarsi saree undoubtedly makes it to every bride’s trousseau and often to their bridal appearances as well. Owing to our popularity and to suit everyone’s tastes, our Vāsovāya collection is bundled with varieties for every kinda bride and every kinda ceremonies.
  • This Banarsi Rangkard shares our love for traditional craft with modern elegance’ and is devotedly handwoven by the finest kaarigars, a treasure that makes the wearer time travel into the bygone era.
  • This Banarsi Rangkard is an entrancing drape that doubles as a conscientious effort to conserve the fast-disappearing weaving technique

Note:- The blouse is only for representational purposes.

We are stunned by this real bride wearing a handwoven banarasi georgette saree for her wedding ceremonies curated perfectly by Roopkala Heritage.

  • This designer weave defines distinctive craftsmanship through exquisite apparel.
  • This astonishing saree in pink hue teamed with a strapped blouse is worth buying.
  • This saree comes with a stitched blouse and belt.

Over the years, Banarasi Georgette Saree has established their sartorial presence with a firm eye on classics, with the saree being a mainstay in woman’s wardrobes.

  • Sustainable fashion is undoubtedly expensive, but we think there is a large customer base that is recognising the importance of investing in sustainability as opposed to going with fast fashion.
  • From these traditional weaves to the ones featuring quirky prints, this sky blue saree serves as a paradise for budding style enthusiasts.
  •  Look closely and you’ll notice statement blouses serve as her ride-or-die-go-to for delivering a winning look.
  • If you are looking to level up your Indian wear game, own this one from classic silhouettes that have earned the nod of approval.
  • This saree comes with a stitched blouse and belt.
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