The Classic Indian Saree has been worn by women in India for decades. Roopkala has been synonymous with this attire and we offer you nothing but the best.

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The Heritage Mint Green Lucknowi Embellished Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Rama Green Patan Patola Sari

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery time 30 days

The Majestic Sequinned Mauve Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Ethnic Elegant Beige Silk Organza Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Ravishing Crimson Red Munga Silk Embroidered Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Epitome Champagne Gold Lame Tissue Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Timeless Elegant Yellow Silk Organza Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

The Chick Flick Black Chiffon Embellished Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

Grey Blue ombre Fusion Saree

The fantabulous grey-blue ombre saree comes with a stitched blouse. Mesmerise your looks with this gorgeous saree by Roopkala Heritage. Delivery Time 45 Days

A True Masterpiece – The Handwoven Black Banarasi Silk Saree

#EnchantedByRoopkalaHeritage Delivery Time 45 Days

Wine Silk Organza Embroidered Cocktail Saree

This wine saree by Roopkala Heritage is elegant and royal. Embroidered with the most exquisite materials, this saree will surely be an eye-catcher. Delivery Time 45 Days

Mesmerizing Mauve Georgette Saree

Delivery Time 25 days

An exquisite beauty, experience elegance and artistry in our exceptional mint green georgette sari, a labor of love adorned with intricate work, testament to time.

  • Elegance and artistry combine in this exceptional mint green georgette sari, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and tradition.
  • Each of these remarkable saris is a labor of love, taking artisans 12 to 14 months to create.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of timeless beauty, as you don this work of art, adorned with single tar work, sequins, French knots, mirrors, and pearls.
  • The saree comes with an un-stitched blouse.

*Each saree is hand made, so once this is sold, there will be a light variation in the design.


The evergreen classics, the Pathan Patola & Real Zari Banarasi intertwined together.

  • Invest in a sari that speaks to your love for tradition, art, and timeless beauty.
  • The Rama Green Patan Patola Sari with Banarasi Real Zari Border by Roopkala Heritage is more than just clothing; it’s a reflection of your appreciation for craftsmanship and heritage.
  • Drape yourself in this masterpiece and let it tell a story of artistry wherever you go.
  • The rich zari border beautifully complements the intricate Patan Patola body, making this sari a work of art.
  • The beauty of the border is that it’s a combination of real silver, gold, and other threads.
  • The blouse in the photo is for representational purposes only.
  • This saree comes with an unstitched blouse.


The Vāsovāya collection by Roopkala Heritage
The zari used here is made of pure gold and silver.

Rangkard Sarees  – a must-have for every heirloom, the Rangkard is a crossover of yarns with color blocking in stripes and squares. The surface is often embellished with floral or geometric butas. The Rangkard is truly a connoisseur’s saree, for its intricate and delicate craftsmanship – a jewel that takes as close to nine months or more than nine months to weave.

  • One of our finest pieces, this is an artistic treasure! Incredibly difficult to weave yet appealing, a Banarsi Rabgkard saree is a Rare handloom masterpiece. This gem features a breathtaking border with distinctive pattern weaved with love in multi colors, all woven in real gold and zari. This saree brings the best of Banarsi weaving traditions.
  • Being one of the finest qualities of silk – the Banarsi Silk, traveling from the heart of Varanasi straight to everybody’s heart is one fabric that every Indian woman crushes over. Known for the serene look they exude and their sheer richness. Banarsi Rangkard is almost everyone’s favorite couturier’s cult weave for ages now.
  • What makes this saree breathtaking is the timelessness and gorgeous brocade zari in gold and zari, at least one Banarsi saree undoubtedly makes it to every bride’s trousseau and often to their bridal appearances as well. Owing to our popularity and to suit everyone’s tastes, our Vāsovāya collection is bundled with varieties for every kinda bride and every kinda ceremonies.
  • This Banarsi Rangkard shares our love for traditional craft with modern elegance’ and is devotedly handwoven by the finest kaarigars, a treasure that makes the wearer time travel into the bygone era.
  • This Banarsi Rangkard is an entrancing drape that doubles as a conscientious effort to conserve the fast-disappearing weaving technique

Note:- The blouse is only for representational purposes.

Embrace tradition with Best in Sarees- Paithani formerly for Maharashtrian weddings.

  • The rich royal red color reflects the essence of an Indian bride, symbolizing love, passion, and strength.
  • Crafted from premium silk fabric, this Saree guarantees a lightweight yet luxurious drape that allows you to move with grace and elegance on your special day.
  • Adorned with intricate floral patterns and delicate leaves, this saree showcases the artistry of skilled weavers.
  • Complete your bridal look by pairing it with traditional glass bangles and exquisite jewellery, and make statement with this handwoven tale of luxury.

Embark on an enchanting journey of elegance with our Majestic Mauve Net Saree, a graceful celebration of sophistication and allure.

  • Step into a world of elegance and allure with our Majestic Mauve Net Saree.
  • This enchanting saree is a celebration of grace and sophistication, meticulously crafted from delicate net fabric and embellished with Japanese sequins and cutdana that add a touch of sparkle and charm.
  • This saree comes with an unstitched blouse.

Elevate your ethnic elegance with our exquisite beige silk organza sari, a true embodiment of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

  • Crafted from luxurious silk organza, this sari drapes like a dream and feels incredibly light against your skin.
  • The highlight of this sari is the exquisite embroidery that adorns its entire length. Badla work, a traditional art form known for its delicate silver and golden thread work, adds an heirloom quality to this attire.
  • Sequins and cutdana provide a touch of shimmer.
  • The zardozi embroidery, with its intricate motifs and metallic threads, adds a royal touch, making this sari truly one of a kind. Its opulent design and rich fabric ensure that you will be the centre of attention and leave a lasting impression.
  • The petticoat and blouse are for representational purposes only.


This stunning mustard yellow saree is embroidered with Resham, Thread Work, Zardosi, French knots and Moti.

  • Our karigars have given an awe struck design which takes over 3 months to make this saree.
  • Each colour is carefully selected for a perfect match.
  • Our karigars take pride in making such a master piece.


Elevate your style with our Garnet Red Munga Silk Saree, a symphony of elegance and craftsmanship adorned with exquisite embellishments.

  • This saree is a symphony of artistry, crafted from luxurious hand-woven Munga silk, adorned with Single tar resham, zardosi, French knot, sequin, and mirror embellishments that catch the light and create a mesmerising play of reflections.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose only.

Experience the Royalty and richness of the Karan Silk Saree, meticulously crafted to showcase the classic and regal look treasured by royal families.

  • Adorned in a magnificent honey mustard color, this saree symbolizes traditional Indian beauty at its finest.
  • The mesmerizing Minakari work intricately weaved with gold and silver zari patterns exudes grandeur.
  • The line of birds settled on the border of the saree adds a touch of uniqueness, while the pallu adorned with resplendent roses, leaves, and creepers enhances grace.
  • A true traditional artistry, this saree is an ideal choice for brides on their special wedding or engagement day.

Indulge in the epitome of elegance with our Champagne Gold Lame Tissue Saree, a timeless masterpiece of opulence featuring exquisite French lace, sequins, resham embroidery, and Swarovski crystals.

  • Step into a world of opulence and timeless glamour with our Champagne Gold Lame Tissue Saree.
  • The blouse is for representational purpose only.

Drape yourself in the opulent splendour of our Ochre Yellow Silk Organza Saree – a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. #TimelessElegance

  • Indulge in the sheer radiance and timeless elegance of our Ochre Yellow Silk Organza Sari. This sari is a symphony of artistry and craftsmanship, expertly crafted from the finest silk organza and adorned with intricate embellishments.
  • With resham, pearls, dori, French knots, sequins, and zardosi embroidery, it’s a celebration of opulence and sophistication.
  • This saree comes with a stitched blouse.

The Vāsovāya collection by Roopkala Heritage.

Note:- The blouse is only for representational purposes.

Bringing out this Kanjivaram saree for all the traditional seekers.

  • This saree from it’s origin is backed up from South India.
  • This beautiful Silk saree is woven into a tissue with detailing work performed by artisans.
  • The saree is traditionally embroidered at zari borders with patterns and motifs like mango, paisley, flowers, etc.
  • A well knows Saree which is Ideal for brides for their Wedding day, Engagement and Traditional functions.
  • Style it with golden jewellery to carry the royal essence.
  • Add this Timeless Traditional saree to your Wardrobe for making your day Special.

One of the Best Double Ikat Saree in a mesmerizing Patola style.

  • This exquisite saree is a testament to rich traditionsm.
  • Navy blue color for a regal touch.
  • Red border and pallu for added allure.
  • Luxurious silk fabric for a graceful drape.
  • Perfect for family gatherings and formal functions, this Double Ikat Saree is a timeless addition to your wardrobe.
  • This saree comes with an unstitched red blouse, allowing you to customize your look.
  • Its classic appeal makes it a choice for any occasion, wedding, party, or event.

Elevate your style with the Black Chiffon Saree, a masterpiece of understated elegance adorned with intricate Japanese Cutdana and sequin embellishments.

  • Drape yourself in sophistication and allure with our Black Chiffon saree.
  • This saree is a masterpiece of understated elegance, crafted from luxurious chiffon and adorned with intricate Japanese Cutdana and sequin embellishments that add a touch of sparkle and charm.
  • This saree comes with an un-stitched blouse. The blouse in the picture is for representational purpose only.

A Saree is a timeless piece in a woman’s closet.

  • Whether it is a wedding function or religious festival, this traditional attire can completely accentuate your look.
  • This Gota, Moti and Zardosi embroidery saree from the Heritage collection of Roopkala Heritage will uplift your mood with comfort and the feel of a cool summer breeze calming tone of blue.
  • It’s minimalistic yet edgy and made of light summer fabric – Organza fabric helps you set styling goals without giving up your comfort zone.
  • This comes with a stitched blouse.
  • If you want to keep things light and your love for these bubbly colours is simply irresistible, why not mix and match the best of both and flaunt this gota, moti & zardosi embroidered masterpiece with grace?
  • In a sight teal blue hue with a metallic matte gold borderline, this saree is indeed a stunner.
  • Match it with matte pearl or blinking diamond accessories.


Experience the harmonious blend of elegance, tradition, and timeless beauty in our Handwoven Black Banarasi Saree – a true masterpiece that pays homage to the rich silk heritage of Banaras.

  • Elegance, tradition, and timeless beauty come together in our Handwoven Banarasi Saree in black.
  • This saree is a work of art, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that pays homage to the rich heritage of Banaras, the city of silk.
  • The saree comes with an un-stitched blouse.

*The blouse & petticoat in the image is for representational purpose only.

This subtly glamorous and classic combination of exquisite materials is an ace fashion designer looks so sophisticated and chic.

  • This minimalistic bridal saree is a must-have attire for your wedding ceremonies.
  • This new-age saree is from the Roopkala Heritage couture collection and is depicting the perfect new-age contemporary fashion style.
  • We are drooling over this breathtaking saree in subtle wine and organza.
  • This saree comes with a stitched blouse.

There are countless reasons why women have drifted towards soft, breathable fabric – Organza Saree as their wedding wear choice.

  • This Teal Blue Color Organza is lightweight, can be embellished & has been reimagined as ornate traditional wear by young and beautiful girls.
  • This stunning silver look saree is a must-have attire to flaunt with style and panache at your wedding ceremonies.
  • The horizontal line of sequins sparkles like no other colour and if you see the silver sequins by Roopkala Heritage, you are gonna fall in love with dear to-be-brides
  • Glamorous, sexy and so chic, this saree is made for all you millennial brides.
  • So, go and flaunt this trending and new fabric tailored with sequins, cutdana, and moti widely spread on six yards of sheer beauty.
  • This saree comes with a stitched blouse.

Presenting to you, a graceful pastel colored party wear Georgette saree which is in trend for cocktail night this season.

  • The color is so subtle, demure and sophisticated-mauve that will never fails to enchant.
  • An ideal pick to garner compliments for your ravishing party look is this mauve Georgette saree which features sequin work.
  • Immerse yourself in a classy style by wearing this mauve Georgette saree which will instantly catch you fancy.
  • It’s timeless masterwork and a must have wardrobe collection
  • As if we weren’t obsessed enough with lehengas, we have just given our heart to this sequin saree too! Pair it with flattering silhouettes and you will definitely slay it.
  • The blouse is stitched.
  • Note:- Dry clean only. The color shade may appear slightly different due to screen resolution of your device.
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